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“In this issue, you’ll combine two elements to make part of the right-hand side of the head.”

This is definitely the shortest issue so far. But, in the spare time, I did a little weathering.



Materials: The side of the skull is metal, but the details insert is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Jurassic Park
  • Real World Science – Cloning


Components for the Right-Hand Side of the Head

Right Skull Plate

The insert piece in this issue is just silver plastic and I wanted a little contrast and dirtiness to it. With a small brush, I worked some Vallejo Game Color Black Wash into the nooks and crevices to give it a worn oily look:

Step 1

Insert the Right Head B into Right Head A from behind as shown:

Steps 2-4

Using two (2) PM 2×4 mm screws, attach the Right Head B into place:


Full price for an issue containing two parts? Just another one of those filler issues to make the build longer than it needs to be. Still, we are one step closer to completing the skull!

Next Up

 Issue 10 – Right Middle Finger, Eye Sockets

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