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“In this issue, you’ll assemble the right thumb and attach it to the palm, alongside the first finger you assembled in [Issue 3].”

This issue should feel familiar we will be building another finger. But this time, we get to add both fingers to the hand.



Materials: While the finger knuckles are metal in this issue, the palm is plastic which is kind of surprising to me.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Donnie Darko
  • Real World Science – Time Travel: Could It Be Possible?


Components for the Right Thumb and Right Palm

Right Thumb
Steps 1-2

Take the Right Thumb D (fingertip) and push it onto the end of Right Thumb B.

As before, this required a small drop of super glue to hold the fingertip in place:

Step 3

There are THREE different sizes of Thumb Connectors (bushings) in this issue. It is important that we use the correct ones in these steps:

  • Two (2) Right Thumb Connector B (shortest)
  • One (1) Right Thumb Connector C
  • One (1) Right Thumb Connector D (longest)

Steps 4-5

Connect the assembly from Steps 1-2 to one of the Right Thumb A parts using the shortest Right Thumb Connector B (bushing) and a Right Thumb Connector A (pin) as shown:

Steps 6-7

Repeat the previous step to add the other Right Thumb A, but reverse the direction of the Right Thumb Connectors:

I apologize, I forgot to take a picture after this step.

Step 8

Now add the Right Thumb C to the end using the longest Right Thumb Connector D (bushing) and another Right Thumb Connector A (pin), again reversing the direction of the pin to match the first pin in Step 5:

The instructions are WRONG here! Do not use the longest bushing in this step. I measured the bushings and they should be used in a different way. IN this step, use the middle sized one. Save the long one for the index finger in the last steps of this issue.

Step 9

Take note of the locating pin on the end of Right Thumb C. This will be used in the next step:

Right Palm
Step 10

Grab the Right Palm and take note of the pin hole (circled in red below) and the screw hole (circled in blue) for the thumb mounting:

Step 11

Attach the newly built thumb to the Right Palm by inserting the locating pin from the palm side and secure into place with one (1) KM 2×6 mm screw from the wrist side:

This is not easy with only two hands, so you may want to ask for help here:

Step 12

The attached thumb should look like this:

Steps 13-14

Now, grab the finger we built back in Issue 3. Using the remaining Right Thumb Connector C (bushing) and Right Thumb Connector A (pin) to connect the finger to the palm as shown. The pin inserts from the palm side:

As I mentioned earlier, the instructions are incorrect. This is where the longest bushing should be used.

ACK! My first loose knuckle joint has appeared. After looking at various solutions, I ended up putting the pin/bushing in my craft vise and cranked it down. And sure enough, the joint firmed right up. It might just be that human power alone is just not enough to seat these pins all the way:


I know this thing is to scale, but the hand feels like it is going to be bigger than the skull! Yes, I just put my hand up to my head just to compare and no, I am not crazy. We now have two fingers complete, so only eight more to go. This hand will probably get adjusted a lot so I hope it holds up!

Next Up

 Issue 9 – Right Skull Plate/Details

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