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“In this issue, you’ll insert the teeth into the T-800 Endoskeleton’s lower jaw, and add the bridge of the nose.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is metal other than the plastic teeth.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Blade Runner
  • Real World Science – Skin Grafts, Skin Transplants, and Artificial Flesh


The Teeth of the Lower Jaw, and the Bridge of the Nose

Step 1

Set out the Lower Jaw and the Lower Teeth. You will need super glue and a toothpick or cocktail stirrer as well:

Lower Teeth
Step 2

As with the Upper Teeth back in Issue 2, each of the five Lower Teeth parts are connected by a plastic sprue. Each one is different and numbered (I added bigger numbers here for clarity):

As I did with the Upper Teeth back in Issue 2, I used the soot color from my Tamiya Weathering Master B to give them some grime:

I also decided this was a good time to finally modify the gum lines in the jaws. I wrote up the entire process over at my The Gum Lines page:

Step 3

Using sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife, remove each of the Lower Teeth parts from the sprue. Try to keep track of which one is which.

Lower Jaw
Steps 4-5

Test fit all of the Lower Teeth into the Lower Jaw first. I marked all the numbers in the image below. Hachette recommends adding the #3 middle teeth last. Once you are happy with the fitment, remove each one and add a tiny drop of super glue to the posts and secure it into place. Repeat this gluing process for the rest of the teeth:

Nose Bridge
Step 6

Next, take the Bridge of Nose from this issue and the Chrome Eye and Nasal Sockets (faceplate) from Issue 1. Check that the Bridge of Nose is correctly orientated with the plated side outward and the two ‘prongs’ pointing down toward the nostrils:

Step 7

Apply a tiny drop of super glue to both pins on the backside of the Bridge of Nose and fit it into the two holes on the Chrome Eye and Nasal Sockets to secure into place:

Once installed, I also added super glue to the holes on the back of the faceplate where this attached to make sure it was very secure:

Long after I completed this article (around Issue 34), I got my hands on the Replacement Teeth mod from Model Modz and installed them. I also added some weathering, and both together made a huge difference. Check out the install HERE!


I love that we are starting to see the Terminator skull take shape! And, there is something about things with mass that make them feel like quality and worth the cost of this model. Until next time!

Next Up

 Issue 7 – Right Shoulder Joint, Elbow Joint, Jaw Motor Bracket

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