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“With the pieces you’ve received in this issue, together with the other elements of the right arm you have already assembled, you will be able to construct the Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton’s upper right arm!”

Please note that some of the pictures below make the parts appear ‘golden’, but to the naked eye, they are much more silver/chrome.



Materials: Other than the rubber washers and plastic grips, every single part is metal in this issue.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Alien
  • Real World Science – The Turing Test: Can Machines Think?


New Components For The Upper Right Arm

Right Triceps Piston
Step 1

Similar to the right biceps piston we built in the last issue, start with the Right Arm Component H, Right Arm Component I, Right Arm Component J, and one (1) PM 3×8 mm screw:

Steps 2-3

Slide the Right Arm Component J (cap) all the way into the wide end of Right Arm Component I (housing). Insert Right Arm Component H (tube) into the opposite thinner end all the way and secure all three parts together with the one (1) PM 3×8 mm screw. You will need a Phillips (cross-point) screwdriver with a shaft at least 5 cm long to do this:

I found this to be easier by putting the screw on the end of the screwdriver and inserting the screw all the way through the tube until it poked out the other end. Then, slide the tube into the housing and twist the cap onto the screw at the other end just enough to get it started. After that, the screw can be tightened with the screwdriver:

Right Biceps Piston
Step 4

Take the Right Arm Rod A and attach one of the Rubber Washers to the end with one (1) PM 2×4 mm screw. Note that the washer has a recess that fits into the end of the rod.

I was a little confused here as this part is for the biceps piston we built in the last issue. The instructions jump around a little so pay attention.

The more this screw is tightened, the more the washer expands. This will affect how easily the rod moves inside the cylinder and can be adjusted to suit your taste. However, the washer can also pop off the screw head and get lodged in the cylinder so make sure the screw is tight enough:

Step 5

Once the washer is secured, insert Right Arm Rod A (washer end first) into the tube of the shorter biceps piston built in the last issue:

Right Biceps Piston
Step 6

Repeat the Rubber Washer installation on Right Arm Rod B with another PM 2×4 mm screw.

As instructed in this step, I returned to the biceps piston we built earlier in this issue:

Step 7

Once this washer is secured, insert Right Arm Rod B into the triceps piston assembly tube we built in Step 3 above:

Right Shoulder
Steps 8-9

Retrieve the Right Arm Components B and C (right shoulder joint) we built in Issue 2 and the Plastic Grips supplied with this issue. Fit the grips over the button-like protrusion. One side of each grip has a circular cutout that faces the shoulder as shown. These may fit loose now, but will be held firmly in place in a later step:

Right Upper Arm
Step 10

It is recommended to read through the rest of these steps before completing them as several parts need to be placed before securing them. Take the Right Arm Component G (the longer triceps piston assembly from Step 7) and one (1) PM 3×20 mm screw, and lay them out:

Step 11

Fit the PM 3×20 mm screw through the back of the Right Arm Component G and slide the hole at the end of the triceps piston over it.

Hachette recommended using a piece of tape on the back (over the screw head) to hold these screws in place until they are tightened later:

Step 12

Now, take the shorter biceps piston assembly completed in Step 5 above and one (1) shorter PM 3×16 mm screw, and lay them out:

Step 13

In a similar way, slide the biceps piston assembly over the PM 3×16 mm screw inserted from the back of the Right Arm Component G:

Steps 14-15

Take the shoulder assembly from Step 9 and insert it into the slot in the Right Arm Component G as shown.

I found it easier to put one of the Plastic Grips down in the hole first, then slid the shoulder nub down into the grip:

Steps 16-17

Now, retrieve the Right Arm Component A from Issue 2 and place it over the assembly, aligning the screws and Plastic Grips. Gently hold the entire assembly and squeeze the parts together:

Step 18

Tighten the two (2) PM screws into place, closing the upper arm parts together and securing the entire assembly. The biceps/triceps joints are meant to be loose to allow for arm movement:


Wow, this thing is heavy and looks cool already! This assembly alone weighs 0.82 lbs (0.37 kg).  I was worried that a lot of this model might be plastic, but I have been proven wrong so far. That is not a bad thing! Keep this assembly safe as it will be used again in Issue 7.

Next Up

 Issue 5 – Skull Joint, Lower Skull

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