During the build of this Hachette 1:2 scale Terminator T-800 partworks model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each issue. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

IssueContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Eyes and Faceplate101022
02Upper Jaw, Upper Right Arm81868
03Right Arm Bicep, First Finger163419
04Upper Right Arm1044514
05Skull Base650519
06Lower Jaw757019
07Upper Arm, Head Motor Joint663423
08Right Palm, Right Thumb1477124
09Right Skull279226
10Inner Eye Sockets, Right Middle Finger1594026
11Neck, Neck Joint599531
12Right Forearm7106233
13Neck, Right Fourth Finger11117437
14Lower Arm Tubes, Right Fourth Finger17134340
15Left Skull, Right Fifth Finger20154242
16Lower Right Arm10164446
17Top Skull4168753
18Eye Motor2170760
19Jaw Motor4174767
20Jaw Motor Support, Skull Brackets4178976
21Right Shoulder9187278
22Right Shoulder, Jaw Pistons7194078
23Right Shoulder Joint2196280
24Right Shoulder Plate7203282
25Right Shoulder Accessories10213587
26Right Elbow Joint8221289
27Right Shoulder Socket5226089
28Right Shoulder Blade6232291
29Left Shoulder Accessories7239394
30Left Shoulder Shaft2241296
31Left Shoulder Blade7248096
32Right Shoulder Joint4252399
33Left Shoulder Accessories52572101
34Thoracic Vertebra Frame22594105
35Thoracic Vertebra Frame42632107
36Thoracic Vertebra Parts42674111
37Thoracic Cage Joint42713114
38Thoracic Cage Joint42752116
39Thoracic Cage Shoulder Connection52802118
40Thoracic Cage Base/Struts528511129
41Vertebra Spindle, Vertebra62914133
43Pelvic Frame (Right)42993136
44Pelvic Girdle (Right)23018144
45Pelvic Frame (Left)43053147
46Pelvic Girdle (Left)23078155
47Pelvic Frame33106161
48Pelvic Shield (Right)23128169
49Pelvic Shield (Left)43162171
50Pelvic Plate33194175
51Pelvic Plate33220175
52Leg Muscle43260175
53Hip Joint43300175
54Leg Muscle53350175
55Right Thigh13360175
56Hip Joint53415180
57Hip Plate33441181
58Right Leg Plate13454185
59Right Leg Joint43492187
60Right Leg Joint43533190
61Knee Joint43571191
62Knee Cap43614195
63Lower Leg Parts33641196
64Right Shin33671197
65Lower Leg Casing33702199
66Lower Leg Parts63762201
67Ankle Joint53815206
68Lower Leg Connectors73884210
69Heel Detail, Foot Parts, Toe194072212
70Foot Parts, Toes124192214
71Foot Parts, Toes124314218
72Left Arm Parts34341219
73Left Shoulder Joint64404223
74Left Arm Parts34431224
75Left Upper Arm Parts24450224
76Left Upper Arm Parts24472226
77Left Arm Joint, First Left Finger154620226
78Left Shoulder Joint, Left Hand94712228
79Left Second Finger204912230
80Left Forearm Shaft105012232
81Left Forearm Shaft, Left Hand Finger185192234
82Left Forearm75262236
83Forefinger Parts195453239
84Left Thumb165613242
85Left Leg Joint Section, Left Hand Muscle Connectors115723245
86Left Leg Joint Section, Left Shoulder Joint65781246
87Left Thigh15790246
88Hip Joint55845251
89Hip Plate35871252
90Left Leg Plate15884256
91Left Thigh Muscle55930256
92Left Knee, Tendon76005261
93Left Thigh Muscle56052263
94Left Knee, Tendon66114267
95Left Knee, Ankle Joint66176273
96Knee Cap, First Toe176241274
97Lower Leg Parts, Second Toe76312276
98Lower Leg Parts, Third Toe76382278
99Lower Leg Parts, Fourth Toe116493281
100Lower Leg Parts, Fifth Toe156644285
101Chest Panels, Chest Attachments106741286
102Chest Casing, Head Details, Springs56791287
103Back Panel, Chest Detail, Shafts96886293
104Back Panels, Chest Supports, Shafts106988301
105Back Panel Detail, Shoulder Connectors97078309
106Circuit Board17082311
107Back of Head, Searchlight147227318
108Base Panel, Details37250318
109Base Details, Searchlight77325323
110Base Panel, Details57374327
112Base Panel, Details47514341
113Base Panel, Details87598349
114Main Circuit Board17604353
115Base Backing, Speaker, Details67668361
116Base Backing27684365
117Base Backing, Battery Box777520385
118Base Backing, Lower Stand, Pads878316401
119Upper Stand, Plate, Chain107935406
120Remote Control228155411