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I live in the US. However, this 1:2 scale Terminator T-800 partwork model was only available from Hachette in the UK. In order to get my hands on the build, I had to have the issues forwarded to me from the UK every two months. This is not ideal, nor is it cheap.

Well, there is a new kid on the block: Agora Models. They are a new partwork model company based in Florida, USA with offices around the world. While their first kit is the 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, they have just recently started offering our T-800 as well. This is the same exact model as from Hachette, but can now be obtained by any builder in the world!

Agora is currently taking pre-orders and they will sell the T-800 in a slightly different way than Hachette. Instead of Hachette’s 4 issues per month, Agora will release the entire build over a 12-month period (10 issues per month). Agora charges $65 for the first month, then around $130/month plus shipping for the remaining 11 shipments. Another difference is that the magazines/instructions will be in digital format and downloadable from their website. This likely means that there will not be any physical magazines sent with the parts. It also appears (from YouTube videos) that the finish on this T-800 is slightly different than Hachette.

I did reach out to Agora to see if I could start a subscription with them at Issue 51 and they said yes. However, it would not be available until at least October 2020. Therefore, I will continue to move forward with my current subscription with Hachette to keep my build going. Still, if there are builders out there who have wanted to build the T-800 model, but were not in the UK or able to sign up, you can now purchase it via Agora Models!

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